Susan Profiled on Elmostrador

This Friday, Susan Mailer will talk about her book In Another Place, where she describes her relationship with the legendary North American author, in a conversation with the journalist Carmen Gloria López. The psychoanalyst, married…

Excerpt on Forward

Forward has published an excerpt from Susan’s memoir: “That time my father Norman Mailer introduced me to Norman Mailer the celebrity.”

Cuando el Personaje es una misma

Conversando con Susan Mailer. When the character is oneself. Or, When the Character is Me. Susan Mailer talks about memories, truth and reality with her colleague Andres Correa at the Psychoanalytic Association of Santiago.

Susan on IPA Off the Couch

Susan appears on episode 36 of IPA Off the Couch Podcast with Harvey Schwartz. From the site: The focus of this episode is Susan’s memoir, titled In Another Place: With or Without My Father Norman…

Keynote Address

The keynote speech was given on January 10, 2020, at the graduation dinner for the MFA program (Maslow Creative Writing Program) students at Wilkes University.  Attending the dinner were graduating students, and MFA students, professors…

Book Picks

In Another Place is listed in today’s book picks by Matt Tannenbaum. See the list and listen to the story on WAMC.